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Monday, November 28, 2011 29 - Denmas Priyadi Blog - In the story of the Pandavas puppet figure kesatriya Five are the five sons of King Puntadewa Amarta and Prita [Goddess Kunthi]. They are Yudhisthira, Bhima, Arjuna, and the twins Nakula and Sahadeva. Associated with Islamic teachings to the five sons of the Pandavas is the five Pillars of Islam, namely: 1. Syahadatain, 2. Praying five times, 3. Fasting Ramadan, 4. Zakat, 5. Go Hajj.


1. Yudhisthira (Darmakusuma),
Yudhishthira also known as Darmakusuma is the first son, a Pandava princes of the above crown there is a piece of white paper and an amulet agemannya miracle that can not be defeated by anyone. Yudhisthira amulet which is called Sodo Klimo Syahadatain be writing sentences, "Lailahaillallah Muhammadarrasulullah". This is a picture if someone had said the words' Creed should be with a deep conviction giving rise to soul force capable of defeating nature of insolence.

2. Bima (Werkudoro),
Bima is also known as Werkudoro. Milky or Werkudoro hulking like a giant, always wear a bracelet chopsticks urang denan will face seems stern but always looked like someone who is implementing a Prayer. When you're doing something can not be bothered to what he was doing was completed. This case illustrates if you're doing daily prayers can not be contested. Kesatriya Pandava Bhima is the most courageous and gallant with the charm of his power that is contained in his arms, Aji Pancanaka which means five forces that always held firmly. It is a symbol or emblem that prayer five times a day if properly implemented the full faith and perseverance that depth will have a great power capable of defeating all challenges both physically and spiritually.

3. Arjuna (Janaka),
Arjuna has many names including the Janaka, Permadi. Arjuna known to be imprisoned, entrepreneurial firm, and handsome. This is a picture of those who diligently fasting (imprisoned), will have a strong soul and calm in the face of all challenges and trials.

4 and 5. Nakula and Sahadeva,
Nakula and Sahadeva the Pandava kesatriya a very diligent and hard-working man. Also looks elegant, neat and well dressed and generous nature. It described as people who spend Zakat and Hajj go. They are people who tithe and Haj are the ones who are able and good fortune as well as a rich inner life.

The play Jamus Kalimasada, Kalimusodo or amulets in the story is one of the puppet play carangan essay or story created by the trustees that Muslim Wali Songo. It is like it was written Dr. Th. Piqeud in his book "De Javaanse Volksvortoningen" that:

"Sunan Kali fabricate new puppet theater play-organizing performances and puppet with him as the mastermind in the form of wages KALIMA Creed". (Quoted from the book "Elements of Islam In the Puppets" thing. 84, Drs. H. Effendi zarkasi)

Jamus Kalimusodo told in the play: a giant son Gods Srani Betara when big ambitions for world domination, then this desire to his mother diceritakanlah Betari Durga. Hearing this statement from her beloved son Durga Betari very joy, it is recommended to his son in order to steal the inheritance of God Srani "Amulet Kalimusodo" that existed at King Darmakusuma king Pandava princes Amarta.

"O ananda, ananda if it really wants to rule the world, it's just one condition, ananda should get a heirloom amulet Kalumusodo contained in State-owned King Amarta Darmakusuma, and puasaka it's located in the crown of the head of King Darmakusuma".

Hear an answer from her mother and god syaran Srani bit surprised, because how can get heirloom because he himself knows that the King Amarta, King Darma Kusuma is a very famous leaders Pandawalima supernatural powers and kedigjayaannya. Ask God Srani to his mother:

"Mother! How do I get ananda Kalimusodo heirloom amulet was the mother knew, King Darmokusumo and fourth brother is known as Pandawalima mandraguna powerful figures. Ananda think it is very difficult to seize the inheritance directly! "

"Mother would suggest that you should ananda have to steal it, it is the single easiest way ananda seize it because if it did not seem possible because the magic amulet Kalimusodo Heritage is infinitely remarkable can not be defeated by any weapon type inheritance, and for it should ananda
When facing ramamu Betara to ask for blessing and magic power supplies in order to succeed in stealing it later. "Thus the suggestion of his mother then.

Long story short Srani god finally succeeded in obtaining Heritage Kalimosodo Amulet by stealing it from King Darmakusuma, and he ruled the world thanks to the inheritance of these Kalimusodo amulets, but heirloom amulet Kalimusada can be recaptured by the Five Pandavas through persistence Satriya panengah Pandava Prince Arjuna.

Nuances of Islamic teachings contained in the story plays Kalimusodo Amulet is an explanation of the utterance "Two Kalima Shahadah" Pillars of Islam first. Kalimosodo or Kalimasada = The sentence is a sentence saying Shahadah, the testimony or evidence itself, and recognition "THERE'S NO OTHER GOD GOD GOD AND MUHAMMAD IS THE APOSTLES."

As for Srani god, this is a depiction of the nature of insolence. Srani god is the son of Goddess Durga and Kala Betara who always want to disseminate a wide range of criminal behavior in the world. In the present context, god Srani a visualization of the monster invaders from the West that the nails are already strong grip all over the world especially in the Earth Middle East, and root-akarnyapun has spread throughout the world. Almost all countries around the world into its prey, colonized culture, economic, social and political. Who dares to challenge me, then will I destroy. Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya is a clear example of Gods Srani behavior.

Behavior associated with the West who want to master the world of Islam Al-Qur'an has warned:

"And the Jews and Nassara not be willing to you until you take part of their religion". Say: Surely Allah's guidance in truth instructions. If you participate against their will after dating knowledge to you so you will not be able helper and servant of God ". (ALBAKARAH: 120)

"A section of the Book would like to lead you astray, but they can not mislead except their own selves but they perceive not" (Ali Imran: 69)

Therefore should Muslims around the world want and remain united in Islam and ever vigilant against threats that want to change and damage our Islamic aqeedah. [REFERENCES: 1. Indonesia Culture (Archaeological Studies, Art, and History - Prof. Dr. Edi Sedyawati, 2. Character Figures Puppets Mahabharata - Sri Guritno - Purnomo Soimun HP, 3. Elements of Islam In Puppets, Drs. H. Effendi zarkasi ]

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